Rental Renovations

Honolulu has an abundance of rental properties scattered throughout the islands. Many of these properties are owned for many years and maintenance can sometimes be deferred. Marcus Construction Services can help you update and refresh these older condo/apartment units into more efficient functioning units. With the improved efficiency of equipment and appliances, we may even be able to help reduce the overall operating cost of these units, as well as updating items that could be become major problems such as angle valves, old appliances and fixtures, GFCI outlets etc. Such improvements could also result in higher asking prices or rental rates.

Take for example, this unit located in the heart of Honolulu. After a 20 year tenant had moved out, the Owner decided it needed a basic upgrade to freshen the unit and upgrade many deferred items such as appliances, angle valves, smoke detectors, air conditioners, shower valves etc.

Before Photos

After Photos